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AcAdemic Team 


NJROTC has many ways you can compete through academics. Academic teams can compete in different formats and based on different knowledge, whether from the NJROTC naval curriculum, pop culture knowledge, or anything in between!



Brain Brawl is a fast-paced academics competition built on a system of buzzers just as you would see on Jeopardy. Contestants are tested on the naval science curriculum, pop culture, and a whole plethora of other topics.

Teams have 5 cadets each. Each team may not have more than a total of 10 points. Each NS number adds a point. For example, an NS1 would add 1 point, and an NS2 would add 2 points. Because 20% of the questions are only answerable by NS1s, the team is always looking for more NS1s willing to participate!



The College Options team prepares cadets to take the SAT and ACT tests. If the team qualifies to nationals, 4 cadets are given an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington DC for the national finals competition. At nationals, cadets compete in a Quizbowl style time-based trivia competition. 



Quizbowl is a game that features two teams with buzzers that go head to head in a race against time to answer questions that range from biology, art, history, literature, mythology, chemistry, maths, physics, and more. Each team consists of 4 competing members and one potential alternate, and all NS years are welcome to join.

Why join the AcAdemic Team?

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