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President's Welcome

On behalf of the Lake Mary High School NJROTC Booster Club, I would like to welcome new and returning parents, family and cadets who are enrolled in the Lake Mary High School NJROTC program for the 2023-2024 school year!


The Booster Club’s main goal is to assist our instructors and cadets with financial support for the many opportunities and activities that they may need additional help for and are not covered under the program’s budget. The volunteer hours filled by parents and Booster Club members help your cadet, the Unit and the NJROTC instructors to participate in the various events planned throughout the year.  Not only do we raise funds to support the program but we also support the program by donating time alongside other hard-working parent volunteers to help the cadets and unit succeed at the goals that they are working so hard to achieve.


From the first car wash to the Military Ball in the spring and all the events in between, parents and volunteers are there to do whatever needs to be done to help make every event a success. With each activity, there is an opportunity for parents and family members to meet other cadets’ families, Booster Club board members and the NJROTC instructors.


Our Booster Club meetings also allow parents to stay involved and informed about upcoming activities. We meet on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in one of the NJROTC classrooms. I encourage you to come out to a Booster Club meeting or event and see for yourself. Supporting the program with our time, money and talent provides opportunities for our students to develop skills that will transfer to adult life as well as into their communities. We are looking to have more parent volunteers this year than ever before as the Unit and NJROTC instructors are planning a very busy year for the program and we invite anyone interested to please fill out the SPCS DIVIDENDS APPLICATION.


We also ask that you check out our various social media pages as well as our Band app.  We will be using these to let everyone know all the great events and meetings that we are working on through the year.  They are as follows:


We look forward to meeting and working with you this year!



Summer Burton– LMHS NJROTC Booster Club President 2023-2024

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